Google+Guest blog by Jeremy Nelson-Smith, Internet Marketing Expert

Last month I shared my Google+ quick guide for small businesses and this month I have asked Jeremy, my trusty SEO and all things Google Guru, to share his thoughts on Google+. Here is Jeremy’ summary of why Google+ is so important to your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts now…..

Basically, Google+ is the Big G’s answer to Facebook, but with an added bonus that Facebook can’t match and that’s this: since Google+ is a Google property, Google can choose how much it uses your Google+ content to influence your content’s natural search results.

By regularly posting interesting, authoritative content on your Google+ pages, particularly with you identified as the author, using Google Authorship (very important, so make sure you know how this works), you stand a much better chance of getting your blog content visible in natural search results, which we all know are dominated by Google!

And the more content you publish like this, the more visible it will become, the more people wil read it, share it, ‘Like’ it, and the more authoritative you, as an author, you will become, and the more authoritative you become the more your content’s search visiblity will benefit. You get the idea of why this is so important now.

Here’s an excellent article on Google+ by Nathan Safran of Search Engine Watch, I strongly suggest you read it.