Website causing customer frustrationDoes anybody else out there struggle from time to time with what to write about in their blogs? Writer’s block used to be the preserve of the great and the good – I’m sure that I once read that even the highly prolific Stephen King (the author of Misery, The Shining, Carrie and about a trillion other books) suffered at some stage from writer’s block.

Blogging has allowed plenty of us to discover our inner writer and express ourselves to anyone who wants to read what we have to say, and we can now share the agony of not knowing what to write next.

So are you waxing lyrical?

Or are you in constant fear of drying up?

I don’t mind admitting that I struggle sometimes. It’s great when something happens that sparks an interesting idea or you come across some news or information that has a bearing on your service and would be worth discussing on your blog. But what happens when nothing happens and you’re suffering from complete lack of inspiration?

Earlier this week I was working with a client who is setting up a blog due to launch at the same time as her new look website. We spent some time discussing ideas for a whole load of articles, creating a healthy stockpile of topics that will enable my client to post regularly on an ongoing basis – and that’s before she is influenced by anything that is going on around her. We agreed her core blog theme to keep her focused and then it seemed almost too easy.

And then I realised that it was easy because I was doing it for someone else.

So why is that?

Is it because we get too close to our own businesses? It’s easy to come up with lots of ideas for someone else. But when it comes to your own blog, I wonder if there’s a kind of fear or self-critical factor that makes it more difficult for us all – will people like me, do I really have anything interesting to say, will I sound arrogant, I have nothing new to say, or will my blog put people off buying my product or using my service?

I’m sure that is familiar territory for some of us!

If you need help with ideas for blog topics there are some tried and tested ways to get some blogging inspiration.