Creating video or slideshare presentationsCreating a video for your small business can seem daunting in terms of possible investment and how to actually make it happen (although I have lots of ideas and ways that video can be accessible for every small business). A free and easy alternative is to use Slideshare.

Slideshare is a bit like, a You Tube but just for your PowerPoint presentations! And just like You Tube you can see the number of views and downloads, not only on Slideshare but also on other websites. Great stuff!

It has the same great shareability – so viewers can ‘Like’ and share on Facebook and share you presentations across the other social networks, like Twitter and on blogs. It has a App within LinkedIn, so you can show your presentation on your profile too. Users can add comments to your slideshow presentation and save their favourites and follow their favourite creators.

But what could I put in a PowerPoint presentation that wouldn’t seem really dull?

Well, try thinking of your PowerPoint presentation more like a video and make it visual with large impactful images (how to find free or low cost images here) and limited amounts of text on each page. There are some great examples showcased on the Home page of Slideshare every day. Go and take a look for some inspiration.

In terms of content, use it to showcase your expertise and knowledge, provide your thought leadership or even helpful ‘how to’ guides.

Just like video, the possible ideas are really endless.

Have you used Slideshare in your marketing? What results did you get by using it? Share you tips and ideas here for other small business owners. Thanks.

Photo credit: Renjith Krishnan