Some really useful stuff post it noteI am a huge fan of Moo and I’ve recently created some mini cards for myself to use to promote my Urchin Jewellery designs (mad spare time hobby, for when I get some spare time!!).

This design and print self-serve website is great for small businesses, as it offers affordable, professional and personalised business cards, mini cards, stickers and postcards in small print runs to keep costs down. And looks so much more professional than the free Vistaprint options. I see far too many of these when I’m out networking and they don’t say great things about your business brand. But that’s another post I feel!

You can have a different image or message on the back of every business card if you choose too! Great if you have multiple services, messages or creative images of your work to showcase.

I recently recommended it to a photographer as a great way to showcase his work.

The business cards and postcards can also be used as promotional offer showcards, door drops, ice breaker questions for say team building events or even loyalty cards when used with the custom designed stickers.

Let your imagination fuel your marketing – there are some great ideas here and they even have a free 50 card promo offer on at the moment, so what are you waiting for?