Show your customers some love!Guest blog from Jeremy Nelson-Smith, Internet Marketing Expert.

Getting quality visitors to your web site is the first step in generating maximum revenue from your website. The second is to engage those visitors and give them a compelling reason for carrying out an action which results in you obtaining their contact details for your new business database.

Here are two ways you can do that:

Tip One: Provide free content that delivers real value

It’s unlikely that visitors will buy your product or engage your services the first time they visit your website. This applies particularly to service orientated websites; after all, they probably know little about your company and have no relationship with you.

But if someone visits your website and then leaves without giving you their contact details, you’ll have no way of following up, building a relationship with them and turning them from a prospect into a customer.

You need to offer your prospects something valuable in return for their contact details before they leave your site; a valuable, compelling, can’t ignore ‘offer’ that they’ll find hard to resist, for example:

  • A special ‘time-limited’ discount
  • A free consultation (limited to say 30 minutes)
  • A downloadable e-book
  • A free hard-copy ‘How to’ guide
  • A video or DVD

N.B. To be truly irresistible it must address their biggest challenge or problem.

Tip Two: Make your website completely customer-focused

Too many websites are designed ‘from the inside out’. This means that the website owner has not thought enough about the design, functionality, layout and content from the customer’s perspective.

When a prospect visits your site they are totally focused on themselves, their challenges or problems and how you might provide a solution. This applies whether that visitor is looking for an urgent replacement ink cartridge for their printer or a complete marketing review that is going to accelerate their business growth.

The content of your website should be well-written, easy to understand, well presented and highly relevant to your target audience, and it should answer all the questions likely to be asked by your visitors. Highly relevant content can also increase your Google page rank.

Above all, look at your website from your customers’ perspective. Give them what they want to see, read and listen to, not what you want.

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