LinkedInOver the last few weeks I have been running an online poll to ask small business owners: “Which social media option works BEST for your small business?”.

I was interested to hear what small business owners were actually experiencing (not what us marketing or social media experts keep saying!).

Well the results are now in….. drum rolll……

The top selection with 34% of the vote was LinkedIn, closely followed by Twitter at 23% and Facebook at 18%.

The stragglers were Blogging at 14% and a big fat zero for FourSquare.

11% of respondents said ‘None’ had worked for them.

Now there is no denying that you will find that using a blend of all of these social media tools will get best effect, but as in all marketing effort, one tactic or channel can outperform others in terms of the number of leads it generates into your small business.

So it is very important to track and measure where your source of leads and sales are coming from using tools such as Google Analytics and putting in place processes in your business across the customer touch points to effectively track, even asking clients or customers who call by phone, where they heard about or found your company. If they say Google, ask them what searhc terms they used.

If you disagree with the poll results or you are experiencing something different with your social media marketing – share your views here!