Marketing promotionsHaving gone to the trouble of creating a fantastic promotion and pre-selecting which of your customers might respond best.

Don’t forget to think about how you will track and evaluate how well your promotional campaign has worked.

Effective tracking methods include using a mix of:

  1. Web landing page – that is to create a hidden page on your website that has the same promotional messages and design as the campaign and it is only promoted via your promotion. It is hidden from the main website navigation so only recipients of your campaign can find it. Use your Google Analytics Dashboard to track visits to that page and set ‘Goals’ to measure the conversions.
  2. Promotional offer code
  3. Unique email address
  4. Dedicated telephone number
  5. Hyperlink from an email newsletter – look at your CTR (click through rate) in your email marketing reports.

And if all else fails just ask! Simply ask how people came to hear of your business and this will help you to understand if they saw your promotional message. 

The critical thing is to make sure you have some form of tracking in place to be able to calculate your return on your investment (ROI) and how well the campaign has gone.

There are no guarantees of minimum response rates and ROI but by tracking your marketing activity at least you can work out what worked and fine-tune your marketing efforts for the future!