Social Media love badgeThere is no doubt that the growth in social media is phenomenal. As a small business owner, ignore it at your peril!

Not sure where to start? Here are my 5 steps to using social media successfully:

1. Capture the ATTENTON of new potential customers via valuable and interesting content.

2. Direct them to your core asset – YOUR WEBSITE or YOUR PREMISES.

3. CAPTURE their email address when they visit your website  or shop by providing something they can benefit from immediately e.g. free e-book, free report/whitepaper, free training module, loyalty card, free coffee, etc.

4. Then COMMUNICATE with them regularly to build the relationship further.

5. Ask at the right time to CONVERT them into a customer.

Orchard Marketing Associates is 5! And to celebrate, I’m publishing a series of blog posts on the theme of ‘five’ throughout January 2012. Designed to help make your marketing more fruitful in growing your small business quicker!