Facebook logoIt’s all well and good to dive into the world of social media, but the trick is knowing how to make it work for your business and how to let everyone know you’re doing it.

The good news is it’s really not difficult to do, so if you’ve set up a Facebook page for your business – or are thinking of creating one – here’s my top ten tips for promoting it:

1. Include your Facebook business page URL in your email signature

Email must surely be one of the main ways in which you communicate with people. The simple act of adding a link to Facebook in your email signature will automatically ensure plenty of exposure – each and every single time you send an email.

2. Add a Facebook icon and link on your website

Think visibility! We all know how important it is to drive visitors to our websites, so now go one stage further and promote your Facebook page to those visitors – you’re not driving them away from your site, you’re giving them an alternative way of communicating and interacting with you.

3. Why not blog about it?

Don’t forget about your blog, it’s another way of utilising your arsenal of low-cost marketing tools. Dedicate a blog post to your Facebook page, tell your readers what you’re planning to do and give them some really good reasons or incentives to ‘Like’ your page.

4. Put your Facebook URL on your business cards

Don’t forget to take advantage of more traditional offline promotional tools too. A business card is still a valuable piece of communication real estate. People might not be bothered to actually tap in the address, but even if they use Facebook’s search facility to find your business page, that business card has done its job.

5. Tag other, well-trafficked Facebook business pages in your updates

If you create links to other pages – particularly ones that relate to your own business sector – you may well see the benefit as new audiences satisfy their curiosity and check out your own Facebook page.

6. Invest in Facebook ads

It doesn’t have to be expensive, you decide how much you want to invest in this type of activity. The beauty of Facebook is the ability to target your audience using powerful demographics and Facebook user interest and behaviours.

7. Ask your Twitter followers to join your Facebook page

Twitter is great for short messages, but what if your followers want to engage in a less restrictive form of communication? Invite them to join your Facebook community and get chatting.

8. Add your Facebook URL to your Twitter profile background

Integrate all you social media activity so that followers can move easily from one channel to another.

9. Add a Like box to your blog and/or website

That innocuous little box is just so tantalising when it features a number, doesn’t it?! Give people the opportunity to ‘like’ a blog article or page on your website and your reach will gradually spread further and further.

10. Add a Facebook (and Twitter) link in the email sign-up confirmation email

These are people who have willingly started to enter a dialogue with you, so give them as many options to do that as possible – at this stage they will be at their most receptive to follow you. Give it a try – it really works!

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