Increase your salesManaging your sales pipeline can mean lots of tricky Excel spreadhseets to manage, share and update. Most full-blown enterprise CRM/sales management tools, the likes of Salesforce, can be just too expnesive for us small businesses to use.

One product that I have come across that seems capable and yet affordable for small business owners is Salestorm.

Salestorm is an easy-to-use online sales interface that helps you manage and forecast your sales pipeline and business development leads. It can help you centralise and share client contact data across your team and run reports.

You can access it anywhere at anytime via the online shared workspace. It also has a very handy 10-step sales process to nuture contacts to conversion.

You can try Salestorm for free for 3 months and then it costs from £60 a year for a single individual user to £20 a month for up to 5 users or £40 a month for 12 users.