I recently used Mazuma Mobile to recycle two unwanted handsets and I have to say I was very impressed with the total customer experience.

Not something that happens very often these days! The layout, design and usability of this website really impressed me. It was clear, informative with no hidden small print and so easy to navigate. The offline experience didn’t disappoint either, as is often the case with well designed and flashy websites that cover up a poor customer experience offline. Both worked seamlessly together and I had the cash for the recycled phones in my bank account in under 5 days. Superb!

They have clearly approached the design of their online and offline processes from the customer experience perspective. Simple touches, like a handy tool to help you find out how to wipe all your sensitive personal data from your phone before you send it in, adds to the positive experience as a user.

Have you used an online business that impressed you? Share your top performing ones with me, I’d love to hear your views.

Customer experience is an area I’m extremely passionate about… but more on that in another post coming soon!