Website causing customer frustrationSometimes we make it difficult for our website visitors without even realising.

I’m sure this example of overlooking smartphone or mobile website visitors isn’t unique and we have all experienced similar.

With the growth of smartphones and mobile web visitors, we do really need to take a step back and review our own websites from a  mobile user point of view.

This example I’m about to give is fairly typical of an instance of making it extra difficult for our website visitors without probably even realising it!

Today, I was out and about walking in the sunshine and thought I’d quickly look up a website I had been meaning to visit for a while. So I found it on my iPhone and wanted to call them and ask a couple of questions.

On the Contact Us page there was a clear telephone number with a hyperlink which meant from my iPhone I could call it. Brilliant I thought. Unwittingly though, they had added the +44 UK dial code which meant my mobile couldn’t call it. With a hyperlink it wouldn’t let me copy it either. Aaarrrgghhhhh!

So frustrating and it meant that I didn’t call with a new sales enquiry and will probably not make the effort to do so once I get back to my office because like so many of us, I will forget to follow it up once I’m back on my laptop.

Having a mobile website is becoming increasingly important for our online marketing efforts.

How many sales or leads could your business be missing out on because of your website?