TrelloIf you regularly collaborate with colleagues, clients or business associates on projects you will love Trello!

Trello is a free online project management tool that works in real time and keeps everyone involved in a project completely up to date with progress. I’ve been using Trello with my CIM Surrey colleagues when organising events and it really is a game changer! It removes the need for sending loads of emails or updating spreadsheets, and it allows us to keep accurate track of the progress made on a particular event. You can involve people as and when necessary, so only those who need an update on current status or specific developments will receive notifications.

Trello boards are very visual, so you can get a very quick overview and delve deeper as need be. It’s easy to upload files and you can work with Trello on all devices. So whether you’re working on your computer, needing to add information using a tablet, or checking in on your iPhone, Trello is perfectly synced.

Do you already use Trello? Let me know what you think!