generating more sales and profitsBranding is something that has a tendency to divide opinion. Small businesses either ‘get it’ and are prepared to invest in developing their brand, or they fail to realise that their “homemade” logo might actually be holding back their business.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on a number of re-branding projects, so it’s an issue that’s been on my mind a lot. And I strongly believe that a sloppy or weak brand identity considerably limits your ability to build a successful and profitable business.

Branding is not the only criteria for profitability – of course it’s not. But if you consider that your branding is largely responsible for the initial perception a new customer forms of your business, it really should be viewed as a major element to get right.

A strong brand identity will give your business credibility, offering your customers reassurance that they will receive a good level of service. A poorly conceived brand identity will mean a customer’s expectations are immediately lower, and they may quickly form (either rightly or wrongly) the opinion that your business may not be trustworthy or of good quality.

And don’t forget, branding is not just about your company logo – it supports your business proposition, conveys the personality of your business and your key marketing messages. It has to work hard!

One client I’ve been working with is The Virtual Transcription Service Limited. When I met with Nina, the business owner, to discuss how she could grow her business further, I was immediately struck by the difference between her and my perception of her business, which was based on her branding and website. Nina is bubbly, forward-thinking and an absolute professional when it comes to her work. Yet her brand identity felt very staid and irrevocably stuck in the past.

We agreed a fairly radical approach and decided to go back to basics by renaming the company and building a completely new brand. We chose the new company name, The 5 Star VA, which has a much more dynamic feel about it and the new visual identity is vibrant and striking. Nina was happy to go with colours that would move her away from looking too boring or corporate, and the deep burgundy still packs a punch – without being too feminine either.

Nina’s former company name had somewhat ‘pigeon-holed’ her business in the digital transcription sector, so new customers simply weren’t aware of the breadth of virtual assistant services she actually offers.

The new logo:The 5 Star VA new logo

As The 5 Star VA, Nina will now be able to more fully develop her business – and she is already seeing the benefits of this in the business leads she is getting from her new website.

Are you concerned about your branding? Feeling it might be holding your business back? Why not get in touch for an informal chat and a free no-obligation brand identity review.