Finding the right keywords for your website is critical.

A keyword is a single word or group of words entered into the search box of search engines like Google, by people looking for information, products or services on the web.

A really useful way to find out what people are ACTUALLY searching for is to use the Google Keyword Tool. This handy, free web-based tool shows you search data for the keywords or phrases that you type into the Google search bar. Great for finding out what is most popular and what real people are searching for online.

Why is this important, I hear you ask!

Well here are a few examples – would you say ‘internet’ or ‘online’ banking? Many of the High Street banks were referring to as internet banking yet more consumers used online – possibly missed opportunities for the ones using the less popular keyword.

Another example is ‘wedding’ versus ‘bridal’ – whereas a dress designer might refer to their ‘bridal collection’ for example, when you use the Google Keyword Tool you discover that wedding is used more frequently for searches so it would make sense to add wedding dress collection as a keyword in the content and structure of their website. It makes sense to use both terms but you must pick one as your primary keyword for optimal SEO performance.

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