child with mobile phoneI attended a fantastic conference last week on the future of Mobile and Video Marketing. It was a day well spent as keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and customer behaviours is vital for any marketer (and small business owners too!).

The expert speakers presented some compelling stats on the use of mobile and video and its phenomenal growth over the last few years.

The advent of smartphones is revolutionising the way we use the internet and you need to make sure your website and online business offering is ready!

A few interesting mobile and video stats and snippets…

  • There are 48.5 million phone users = more than one for every adult in the UK!
  • Don’t be fooled – not everyone has an iPhone (only 11.6%), 27.3% have Nokias
  • Google Android is growing rapidly (overtaking the iPhone) but iPhone users have higher levels of interaction
  • Only 44.4% of UK mobile uses have a smartphone
  • Mobile users spend 7.1 billion minutes browsing the web on their phones!
  • 55% of Twitter traffic is via mobile web
  • 320 million Facebook users are on mobile devices (and these users are twice as active as desktop users)
  • 8 trillion SMS (text) messages will be sent in 2011 (that’s an average of 3 messages per day for every person on our planet!)
  • 93% of all text messages sent are read and 86% of those within 4 minutes!
  • QR codes saw a 4549% increase in usage in 2010, with 2.3 million scans (July 2011)
  • CISCO predicts that 91% of web content will be delivered as video by 2014

WOW! No one can ignore these amazing trends.

But how does your online and mobile presence shape up?

Have you only checked your website on how it appears on an iPhone? If so, what about the other 30+% who don’t have an iPhone! Can mobile users interact with your website properly and can they complete their desired actions on their mobile device?

Do you use SMS are part of your marketing approach? Do you collect mobile numbers and opt ins to use them?

Do you use the power of video to enhance your website visitors online experience and convert them into potential leads or actual customers?

Plenty of fabulous marketing food for thought. If you need help with your online and mobile marketing strategy – do get in touch for a friendly chat about your online marketing approach.

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