GoogleGuest blog from Jeremy Nelson-Smith, Internet Marketing Expert.

Do you want to see a flow diagram of just how your visitors are moving through your web pages, whether they’re reaching the right pages or abandoning their visit too early?

Well, thanks to the new Google Analytics Visitors Flow Report you can now see graphically just how your visitors are proceeding (or not) through your web site.

The Visitors Flow report can be found at Standard Reporting (top level orange nav bar) / Audience / Visitors Flow.

Visitors Flow is a graphical representation of the paths that your visitors took through your site, from the source, through to various pages. It also shows where along their pathways they exited.

If you move your mouse over each page name a pop-up window will show you the total visitors, the through traffic, i.e. the visitors that went on to another page and the number of drop-offs, i.e. the visitors who left at that point. This is obviously very, very useful in identifying whether your visitors are intereacting with your content in the way that you would like.

Another brilliant feature is that you can view the flow for different visitor segments (e.g. new visitors, visits with conversions, mobile visitors etc). Just select the segment you want from the drop-down above the report.

You can also vary the number of visible connections between pages by using the Connections slider to the right of the Select a Segment drop down.

All in all Vistors Flow is another excellent improvement to the functionality of Google Analytics.

Wishing you success with your internet marketing.

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