Some really useful stuff post it noteThis handy tool is called Rankspeed and it is a search and ranking tool that helps you find the best websites and products by doing a sentiment analysis on the Twittersphere and blogosphere.

Instead of using traditional user review sites, RankSpeed analyzes the data in social media to rank results by any sentiment entered as a keyword: “excellent”, “easy”, “useful”, etc.

For each result, RankSpeed shows the percentage of users who have expressed an “excellent” opinion and a list of those users with their tweets about the site / product.

Several criteria can be entered in a single query to compare for example how “good”, “easy” and “effective” is a list of results. As any sentiment can be entered, the ranking tool is also useful to avoid websites or products that are often associated with “problem”, “broken”, etc.

Great to navigate your way around the vastness of the web!