WordPress logo…Or was it just me?

I have to confess I’m self taught on WordPress – always a dodgy approach by any means but needs must and all that.

I sat in on a WordPress website training course for one of my clients being run by B Websites last week and I have to say I discovered some very handy little tools and tips that had completely passed me by. Thanks to Zoe, Chris and team!

I wondered why, when I viewed the WYSIWYG visual editor (so you don’t have to be clever and write HTML yourself), it seemed so much shorter than what I typically see in website CMSs.

All was revealed last week, with a handy little button – end icon (see below) or use  Alt + Shift + Z – this then reveals the so called ‘Kitchen Sink’ which to you and I, is the enhanced visual editor including the all important ‘Paste as Plain Text’, Undo (!), Help (!) and text colour (where have you been all of my WP life?!).

How to show more editing tools in WordPress visual editor


So if like me you’ve been living in WP darkness, hope this ‘Some Really Useful Stuff’ post helps you out.

Have a great weekend (a long one for us in the UK). ENJOY!