Convert more customers from your websiteI have a handy tip for you to vastly improve your website reporting so you can get an accurate picture of who visits your website and how effective it is being at generating sales or leads for your small business.

I have been helping several of my clients over the last couple of weeks to set up their Google Analytics reporting for their new website. Having a new website up and running is very exciting and usually the fruits of several weeks (or months!) hard work to make it happen. But setting up your website tracking is a vital step (and it too often gets overlooked unless you have someone like me on your case! :-)), to help you measure how effective your new website is being as part of your overall marketing approach.

Did you know that if you view your own website, you will be counted as a visitor and perhaps you are the only visitor?! Let’s hope not! So one of the key things to set up is to make sure you are not counted in your own website traffic. Here’s how to do it…

How to exclude your own visits from your Google Analytics website tracking data

This is so simple to do – I love it!

Follow these simple steps to get a more accurate view of your website visits…

1. Firstly, visit this website to find your own IP address.

2. Access your Google Analytics account and then go to Admin (top right corner).

3. Click on the Filters tab (just below your Profiles).

4. Click on +New Filter button

5. Give your filter a name like ‘My own IP address’

6. Filter type: make sure you have selected Predefined filter

7. In Exclude: select from the drop down ‘traffic from the IP addresses‘ and then enter your IP address code.

8. Click Save.

Hey presto! You will now have more accurate website traffic reporting. Let’s hope you still have lots of visitors.

Note – some IP addresses are not static and change so this doesn’t work for everyone but worth looking into.

If you need to get more visitors and sales from your website, do get in touch to find out how to achieve this with less marketing effort and wasted money! I’ve helped hundreds of small businesses be more effective with their online marketing.