Blogging“Blogging, why on earth would I want to do that? I just don’t see the point.” I often hear small business owners question the impact and investment of time spent on blogging. Blogging is a proven and valuable inbound marketing tool and one which every small business owner should consider as a powerful marketing technique.

Here are 5 great reasons to start blogging:

1. Build your business brand personality, reputation and credibility.

2. Improve your search engine rankings and increase quality visitors to your website.

3. Assist your audience in fully understanding your business and what you offer.

4. Create two-way and open conversations with potential customers.

5. Strengthen relationships with your existing customers by adding additional value to your relationship (top tip: use blog content in your email marketing strategy).

Orchard Marketing Associates is 5! And to celebrate, I’m publishing a series of blog posts on the theme of ‘five’ throughout January 2012. Designed to help make your marketing more fruitful in growing your small business quicker!