Free lunch ticketAs a small business owner, having free tools to help run your business is great and these beauties are my small business must-have tools.

I just couldn’t successfully run my business without them in fact!

1. Google Analytics – to guide my online activity through powerful website visitor insights.

2. Hootsuite – to manage my social media activity effortlessly.

3. WordPress – the power behind my website traffic-generating blog.

4. Mail Chimp – a simply fantastic email marketing tool. Free for up to 2,000 subscribers. A total steal and links seamlessly to Google Analytics – I’m in seventh heaven – show me the data!

5. Survey Monkey – to create free online surveys and analyse the feedback for free!

Orchard Marketing Associates is 5! And to celebrate, I’m publishing a series of blog posts on the theme of ‘five’ throughout 2012. Designed to help make your marketing more fruitful in growing your small business quicker!