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“The best £35 I have spent for some time!”

Speaking at events and running training sessions is something I love doing. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and inspiring small business owners with what they can do with a realistic marketing budget. Every small business can employ some of the tactics that the ‘big boys’ use and get some great results!

I regularly speak at local chambers of commerce, small business expos and networking events. I have also been requested to speak at trade associations and membership bodies at conferences and member only training events.

Marketing topics that draw a crowd

The topic you choose for your event can be critical in getting a good attendance and I work closely with the event organiser to ensure that we pick the most appropriate marketing topic and right level of content for your particular audience. Having run many different formats of workshops, I’m flexible and employ a wide range of presentation techniques to convey my key messages, I certainly doesn’t just read bullet points off slides to bore your audience!

I have also been and enjoy being a marketing expert panellist for Q&A and debate format events.

Recent speaking and workshop topics…

  • Low Cost Marketing techniques that really work for small business
  • How to delight your customers and make your glamping business even better!
  • Social Media – beginner and intermediate workshops
  • Ecommerce: The 5 steps to building a successful online business
  • Keep Calm and Carry on Blogging
  • How to create email campaigns on a low budget
  • Marketing Planning – 5 simple steps to marketing planning success for small businesses
  • Retail Trade Conference: How to use cost effective marketing techniques to promote and grow your equestrian business
  • Social Media – How to get started on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Marketing Masterclass – a bit of everything you need to know about marketing
  • Marketing in a Nutshell
  • How to integrate your online and offline marketing for maximum impact
  • How to win and keep your customers
  • Market Research – Getting to grips with your customers

What delegates say...

“Thanks Sarah, that was clear, concise and great help!”
“Very informative and useful – well presented”
“Excellent and really helpful. Inspirational speaker who has helped with my marketing plan”
“Very informative and useful. Thank you!”
Speaker’s style & clarity = overall score 4.80 out of 5
Usefulness & relevance = overall score of 4.60 out of 5
Grow your Business, ‘Simple, Straightforward Marketing Planning’ seminar

“The best £35 I have spent for some time!”
“Very informative”
“First class, thanks!”
“Very good speaker, covered lots of areas”
Surrey Chambers of Commerce , Marketing Masterclass

The presenter/s communicated clearly = 51/60 delegates strongly agreed
The presenter/s communicated enthusiasm = 49/61 delegates strongly agreed
SEP Business Breakfast, ‘To Blog or not to Blog’ talk

“You were a fantastic speaker and we have had nothing but great feedback as a result.”
Stephanie Slade, Marketing Manager – Surrey Chambers of Commerce

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